Economy In Bhutan

Bhutan has a small population and despite this Bhutan’s economy is growing rapidly. There has been a lot of economic development in recent years.
Bhutan is connected throughout with telecommunication network including mobile phone service. In every part of the country, even the remotest villages and towns have connection.  The Bhutanese economy is predominantly agricultural. It is the farmers, most of who live in villages, who through their sale of animal and dairy products such as cheese, milk and butter get their income. All these villages have access to education and healthcare, and are also connected by roads and electricity. In Bhutan, electricity runs on 220/240 volts, with round hole two-pin and three-pin power outlets.
Rice, maize, wheat, barley, buckwheat and millets are the major cereal crops cultivated in Bhutan and rice is by far the most important and preferred food crop of the Bhutanese.

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Guru Rinpoche's Meditation Caves Pilgrimage

Many important masters have come to Bhutan to pray homage to Guru Rinpoche's meditation Caves. On your spiritual tour, You discover Guru Rinpoche caves, Dzongs, monasteries and local temples;

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This is a short tour program designed for a week in Bhutan. It is designed for those of our guests who would like to visit Bhutan, feel and know her beauty in a brief visit.

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The monasteries are magical and beautiful in ways that I cannot begin to describe and everyone who goes to this country is touched in the most astonishing ways.

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On your Bhutan Forbidden Land tour, you discover Dzongs, monasteries and temples with fluttering prayer flags and stupas standing on every strategic points to give protection from evil spirits and negatives forces;

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