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Dr. Karma Wangchuk is the owner of Vajra Guru Spiritual Travels, a registered travel agency in the Kingdom of Bhutan, serving those who chose his agency to facilitate their visit while in Bhutan. He is known to satisfy their specific curiosities about his country, especially those related to the long standing traditions of vajrayana found there. At present, Karma also works as the lead trainer in the Department of Tourism Guide Training Programs, teaching Buddhism, iconography, etc… to cultural guides.

Prior to establishing Vajra Guru Spiritual Travels, Karma first worked for seven years at the National Library of Bhutan as the Assistant Director and researcher. Subsequently, The Aman Resorts hired him to work at Amankora, one of their series of resort lodges located in the Kingdom of Bhutan. There he served as the General Affairs Manager, a position allowing him to gain extensive experience in the hospitality industry.

Dr.Karma Wangchuk is called “Doctor” because he has earned a PhD from University of Delhi in Buddhist Studies. He was a Gold Medalist in the M.A Buddhist Studies Program there; while studying there he was a monk for eight years. He is a practitioner of the Nyingmapa and Kagyupa traditions of vajrayana Buddhism for many years. Vajra Guru Spiritual Travels has been established with the aim to serve and guide all who are interested especially senior citizens, spiritual friends, and Dharma seekers through theoretical and practical experiences while in the Kingdom of Bhutan. We offer you the highest quality services, care and personal attention that you will cherish for a lifetime. Being learned and experienced in the field of Buddhism, the proprietor himself guides and delivers a series of talk on various Buddhist themes, followed by visualization meditation at the end of each trip. With a team of honest and dedicated staff, the agency works for the good and comfort of our spiritual visitors and friends. We can assure that your spiritual journey through Bhutan will be comfortable, even memorable, and an enlightening experience.

We extend a warm welcome to all spiritual friends and Dharma seekers to Bhutan, the only country where the traveller, in quest for peace, tranquillity, and harmony will find perfect bliss and serenity. Amidst monasteries, fluttering prayer flags, friendly people, beautiful scenery, green valleys and exciting architecture, the traveller wakes up to the deeper, joyful realization of the true nature that resides in all of us

Tour Package

Guru Rinpoche's Meditation Caves Pilgrimage

Many important masters have come to Bhutan to pray homage to Guru Rinpoche's meditation Caves. On your spiritual tour, You discover Guru Rinpoche caves, Dzongs, monasteries and local temples;

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This is a short tour program designed for a week in Bhutan. It is designed for those of our guests who would like to visit Bhutan, feel and know her beauty in a brief visit.

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The monasteries are magical and beautiful in ways that I cannot begin to describe and everyone who goes to this country is touched in the most astonishing ways.

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On your Bhutan Forbidden Land tour, you discover Dzongs, monasteries and temples with fluttering prayer flags and stupas standing on every strategic points to give protection from evil spirits and negatives forces;

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